Introducing India


It is one of the paradoxes of history that many of the prime sites for Indian prehistory are along the Indus Valley in Pakistan, while many of the great Mogul or Moslem sites are in India.

We went to India in February 2013 to escape the English winter and we visited the ‘Golden Triangle’. We began by visiting the two great Mogul cities of Delhi and Agra to see the great Mosque in Delhi and then the greatest sight of all, the Taj Mahal in Agra.

India - the palace at Samode

Pretending to be maharajahs – sitting on a regal couch in the palace at Samode

We then went on to visit two Rajput, that is native Indian cities. Firstly, we went to Jaipur, the third point of the Golden Triangle, where we visited the Palace and the fantastic astronomical Observatory built by the last of the great Rajput kings.   We then went on to visit Udaipur, another of the great Rajput states when we saw the city palace,  still owned and operated by the descendant of the great Rajput rulers. And we also visited a magnificent Hindu temple – very different from the mosques in the Mogul states .

Here then we present the outline history of India,  — and perhaps too the key to modern India.


Delhi: Jami Masjid

Delhi: Red fort






Revised, 9th September 2017