Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal from canal P1050072

The day we visited the Taj Mahal was foggy.

The idea was that we would see it at sunrise, so we were up at 6. 30 and set out for the Taj Mahal. When we arrived we found it was already very crowded and there was a long queue where we were separated out into male and female to be frisked by the Indian army. We eventually got through and walked to the main gateway and had our first glimpse of the monument but it was so misty that we could barely see it through the mist.


Taj Mahal IwanP1100728As we walked down the long approach it became foggier and foggier and by the time we actually got there the fault was so thick that we could not even see to the top of the dome. However we were given a slipper to put over our shoes and we went up to the platform and were able to go into the actual chamber.





Taj Mahal carving P1100724 Everyone was taking photos but when we came out we walked around the monument but there was little to see. All very disappointing!





However in the afternoon we were eventually able to see the Taj – from the other side of the river!


Tajj Mahal from across river P1100865



On to Agra Fort and Palace

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