City palace

At the heart of Jaipur is the City Palace

Jaipur CP Rajendra Pol distort 273

Rajendra Pol – the entrance gateway. Note the two elephants on either side, each carved from a single block of stone


Jaipur CP tower 269


The great tower in the corner of the courtyard

Jaipur CP Mubarak Mahal 342

The Mubarak Mahal the ‘Auspicious’ palace was erected in the late 19th century and built in a mixture of Moghul, Rajput and European styles. It is now a museum containing some of the magnificent costumes worn by the maharajas.


Jaipur Diwan i-Khas 105-6

The Diwan i-Khas, or the Private Audience Hall, the central; building in the second courtyard. showing well the dominating colour. This photo is an amalgamation of two separate photos

Jaipur CP Chandra Mahal 352






The Chandra Mahal is  the main palace, with seven storeys. . Each storey has a different name and performs a different function. This is now the main private residence of the current maharaja.



Jaipur CP Pritam Chowk 354

A smaller courtyard is called the Pritam Chowk or the Peacock Court. It has four magnificent Gateways, here unfortunately shown in shadow.


Jaipur Pritam Chowk Pretty girls 358

This is the finest of the gateways. These two ladies asked me to take their photos, so I in return asked them to pose for me, and here they are in front of the Gateway. But double click on the photo above to see the magnificent artistry of the Gateways.


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20th April 2013

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