Udaipur: Fateh Gahr

Fateh Garh – where we stayed


We stayed five miles outside the town in the Fateh Garh which calls itself a ‘Heritage Renaissance Resort’ and appears to be a wonderful Indian palace, but which is in fact entirely modern, having been built only two years ago, though reusing a certain amount of old material.  But though modern, it was magnificent.


The approach to Fateh Garh, sitting on top of a small hill


The grand central courtyard


Breakfast on the terrace


The flautist who played soothing Indian music over breakfast


The posh rooms had their own private swimming pool, so you could roll out of bed in the morning and plunge straight into your early morning dip.



Wendy sitting on the balcony, reading


Me, relaxing in the Grand Salon


A grand staircase led down to the lower level


The swimming pool on the lower level, presiding over by an Indian god


Me, swimming in the swimming pool, watched over by a lion,  and with Udaipur just visible in the distance.


It was February, winter in both England and India, But whereas in England it was freezing, in India it was warm enough to swim – just!

It had been a good trip!

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Andrew Selkirk, andrew@archaeology.co.uk

10th September 2017

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